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We process all our oils and butters from the Amazonian rainforest at our factory in Belém, North Brazil. We guarantee a 100% pure and natural product, cold-pressed extraction, dried not passing 60ºC, no preservatives, additives or other chemicals are added. They are wild harvested products — grown naturally in the Brazilian Amazonian Rainforest without any pesticides or fertilizers.
On request, we offer purified (molecular distillation) products with food grade and/or pharmaceutical standard quality as well as deodorized, seed and pulp extracts and water soluble oils.

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Amazon Oil

Our factory is located in the Amazonian rainforest with easy access to the forest communities living in the basin on the river banks of innumerous Amazonian rivers and near to Marajo Island, which is the largest sea-river archipelago in the world and has a wealth of oilseed diversity.

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Helping Communities

The valorization and sustainable management of the Amazonian rainforest by our community partners strengthens the local economy and contributes decisively to the preservation of the standing forest.